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The Places of Liturgy
The Places of Liturgy

CATHEDRA: It is an expression of the bishop's ministry, a sign of his teaching, his pastoral care, the unity of the faithful of the whole diocese under the leadership of its pastor.

PULPIT: It is the typical place from which to preach the word of God, through biblical readings. It is the place for solemn announcements such as the proclamation of Easter.

HIGH ALTAR: It is the most important element of the pres-bytery. It is the mensa of the Lord, on which the sacrifice of the Cross is made present in the sacramental signs. It is in a raised position with respect to the rest of the area in order to be more visible and it is turned towards the faithful.

CHAPEL OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: This is where the most Holy Eucharist is preserved. It is also the chapel that is dedicated to personal prayer and adoration.

DAILY CHAPEL: It is destined to daily celebrations with a lesser number of participants. It contains all that is necessary for celebration. Separated from the main hall, it encourages attention and participation of the faithful.

BAPTISTERY: It is used for the administration of the first sacrament of Christian initiation, Baptism. This represents the starting point of the journey of Christian life that leads to full identity with Christ.

PENITENTIARY: this is the where the Sacrament of Penance is celebrated. It is formed of confessionals where absolution from sins can be received.